Trybike - Red Vintage

The Cool Vintage Red Edition Of The Ever-Popular Trybike. The first 2-in-1 tricycle balance bike made from steel makes learning to ride fun! The Trybike Steel teaches children to ride from 18 months of age. The first setting is the low tricycle mode which offers children lots of support. You can easily convert the tricycle to a balance bike so that the next stage of riding starts. With the unique footrest, children learn balance and consequently learn to ride a pedal bike without ever using training wheels.

Product Detail

  • Trybike Features;
  • Pneumatic Tyres For A Smoother Ride And Better Grip
  • 12 Inch Spoked Steel Wheels With Sealed Smooth Cartridge Ball Bearings
  • Seat Height: Adjustable From 30cm To 45cm.
  • Control Disk On The Rear Axle For Adjustable Ride Height And Wheelbase
  • Trybike Weight: 6.3kg As A Tricycle | 5.2kg As  A Bicycle
  • Brakes: Feet Handbrakes Don't Work At These Ages 
  • Unique Footrest To Encourage Better Balancing
  • 2 Stickers Sheets To Customise The Bike Design
  • Quick-Release Seat Fastener 
  • Easy To Assemble And Convert
  • Beautifully Packaged 
  • Suitable For Children From 18 Months Up To 6 Years
  • Maximum Rider Weight 35kg
  • Package Size 23.5cm L x 21.2cm H x 9.4cm W
  • Product Size 86cm In Length - Trike Mode 55cm High 48cm Wide
  • Assembly Required

Extra Specifications

Seat Height  Adjustable From 30cm To 45cm
Length From Front Wheel To Rear Wheel(s) Adjustable Between 87cm to 94cm
Width Of Rear Wheels In 3 Wheel Setting  49cm
Width Of Handlebars 41cm
Height Of Handlebars Adjustable Between 54cm To 61cm

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