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Our Story The Mountain Merchant

Our Founder's Journey: Kelsey's Story

Welcome to The Mountain Merchant, a unique Dorrigo Home Decor, Furniture, and Lifestyle Store. I'm Kelsey, a 4th generation Dorrigo local, and this small, female-owned business is a reflection of my love and commitment to our town. Though my journey briefly took me to the city in my teenage years, it has always been anchored in the rich heritage and community-focused spirit of Dorrigo. Here, amidst challenges, laughter, and learning, my story and that of The Mountain Merchant unfolds.

As a high school dropout and a mum diagnosed with ADHD at 30, I'm embracing the ups and downs of life with a sense of humour and a belief in the power of our community. My family, continuing a proud Dorrigo tradition, embraces the unassuming grace and heartfelt authenticity that life in Dorrigo offers. This connection to my hometown is the driving force behind The Mountain Merchant.

The Birth and Evolution of The Mountain Merchant

Born from a desire to showcase and uplift the spirit of Dorrigo, The Mountain Merchant began as a dream to invigorate our town with new life and inspiration. Starting as an initiative to boost tourism and local charm. My ultimate dream for The Mountain Merchant is to develop it into a thriving and profitable business, with the goal of supporting women who may feel hindered by challenging home lives, upbringing, or remote locations. We aim to inspire and empower women who believe success is beyond their reach. Our journey as a Female-Owned Dorrigo business has been marked by resilience, facing many natural disasters and economic hardships, yet these moments have strengthened our perseverance and commitment to authenticity.

A Vision on the Horizon

As we approach our 9th anniversary in 2024, The Mountain Merchant is more than just a Dorrigo retail store; it's a safe space for anyone who needs a moments respite from their daily reality. Our vision is to support women in their pursuits of business or proffesional success and financial independence, a dream that stems from my own experiences of feeling undervalued due to my educational background and socio-economic status. This mission is fuelled by my determination to prove that success is not confined to those who start with certain advantages, but is achievable for anyone who dares to dream and work hard for it.

Our Lifeline: The Support of Our Customers and Community

The future of The Mountain Merchant, a cornerstone of the Dorrigo community, relies on the continued support of our customers whether online or in the wider community. This support is crucial in keeping our doors open and our dreams vibrant, allowing us to reach the stage of giving back. Every interaction, purchase, and shared story contributes to our collective success and the realisation of a vision that celebrates the power and potential of every individual.

Our Engagement and Promise

In every aspect of The Mountain Merchant, you'll find my personal touch unmistakably present. As the shopkeeper greeting you six days a week, the creative mind behind our website design, the meticulous selector of our products, and the tech support solving every glitch, my involvement is comprehensive. I'm also the one carefully packing and dispatching your orders, all while juggling the roles of being a mum, a partner, and a daughter. This multifaceted commitment ensures that every interaction with The Mountain Merchant is as genuine, multifaceted, and heartfelt as the experiences and challenges that have shaped me. While I love wearing these many hats, I do look forward to the day when I can bring on board a team of amazing individuals to share these responsibilities. This will not only enhance our business but also allow me to spend more quality time with my family – and maybe, just maybe, find a moment for a cup of coffee that's actually still warm!

Join Our Story

We invite you to be part of our narrative at The Mountain Merchant, a tale interwoven with the history and heart of Dorrigo. It's a story of endurance, strength, and big dreams. Your support is not just valued; it's essential to the fabric of our collective success and the vibrant future of The Mountain Merchant.