1000 Piece Puzzle - Flower Bed


Exercise your mind and excite your eyes or share the love, these stunning 1000 piece puzzles feature an original artwork Flower Bed by Australian artist Kimmy Hogan. The packaging these puzzles arrive in is absolutely beautiful each puzzle comes in a magnetic close box that includes a fabric drawstring pouch to keep your puzzle pieces safe. The inside of the box features a stunning image of your puzzles featured artwork and the fabric lid stoppers keep the boxes lid open so you can sneak a peak at your puzzles fabulous artwork whenever you need. Needless to say these 1000 piece puzzles make amazing gifts! 

About the Artist

Kimmy Hogan is a flower obsessed digital illustrator. Kimmy's happy place is filling up journals with big loose flower shapes and the discoveries that happen during this process. Kimmy then redraws these digitally with ‘hand motion’ so the drawings inherit her natural wobbly, wavering lines and retains all the goodness of the original sketch. Kimmy feels that with digital illustration it’s the imperfection that shows that human touch 'you can see that I’ve been there' it gives the artwork soul.

Product Details

  • 1000 Piece Puzzle
  • Beautifully Packaged In A Magnetic Close Box
  • Includes A Fabric Drawstring Pouch To Keep Your Puzzle Pieces Safe
  • 70 x 50cm Finished Size Of Puzzle
  • Featuring Original Artwork Flower Bed By Australian Artist Kimmy Hogan
  • Excellent For Brain Training
  • Proudly Australian Owned And Run Business  

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