Madeleine Stamer - Playing Cards


Finally a set of playing cards that are not only useful but beautiful! The backs of the cards feature Madeleine Stamer's iconic 'Arrangement II' image. The face cards have been custom designed by Madeleine for this project. 

About The Artist

Madeleine Stamer has had an extensive career as a ceramicist, commercial illustrator, exhibiting artist and art educator. Madeleine prefers traditional old school brush and ink techniques using watercolours and letting loose on large-scale paper, more often than not in the late hours of the night from her home studio in Melbourne's burbs. Madeleine’s folk infused images display rich decorative line and bold pattern. Her designs comprise of gentle yet slightly surreal imagery that delivers an edgy punch.

Product Details

  • This Deck Contains 52 Playing Cards Plus 2 Jokers
  • Australian Owned

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