Spring In Paris - Bath Salts


Paris In Spring is a beautiful place to be. After a gray and gloomy winter, spring begins to bloom, and the city becomes a more vibrant and full of life.

These bath salts are inspired by the essence of Paris in spring, the freshly blooming flowers, the fresh rain on the pavement after a spring shower, leisurely strolls by the River Seine.

Everything is just so beautiful and simple.

With a blend of magnolia flower, nerolina, and frankincense crafted with dried jasmine and blue butterfly pea flowers, there’s nothing’s more divine and elegant.

Add a small amount to a hot, steamy bath.

Product Details

  • 200g Glass Bottle Screw Top Lid
  • Handcrafted In Newcastle, NSW

Product Ingredients

Magnesium Sulfate | Butterfly Pea Flower | Jasmine Flower | Frankincense | Magnolia Flower | Bergamot | Nerolina | Essential Oils 

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