Saw BAE - Perfumed + Moisturising Hand Sanitiser


A looming wonderful creation of all the flowers in the florist, Saw BAE hits the spot – it’s the bunch of flowers that never wilts. 

Saw BAE, took a selfie. I musk admit if you like to turn heads this scent is for you. With floral notes of lavender, rose and magnolia this palate cleanser screams “Nobody puts BAE in the corner”. And like any BAE you’re always on the VIP so keep this one on the DL* as IMO* this one is FTW* (*Google it if you don’t know what we mean).

Product Details

  • Shmoist Is A Hydrating Hand Sanitiser With The Most Amazing Fragrances 
  • 500+ Sprays Out Of One Bottle
  • 80% Ethanol And Protects Against 99.99% Of Harmful Germs
  • Moisturising Qualities So Your Hands Will Be Hydrated And Smooth
  • Smells Amazing
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Fast Absorbing
  • Recyclable Cool Packaging
  • Aussie Made

Ingredients: Ethanol (80%) | Water | Fragrance | Dimethicone | Solubiliser | Anti-Bacterial | Anti-Fungal | Colour

So high five ✋ to the new must have beauty accessory Shmoist is here to stay! We’re on a mission to make your hands happy, to remove nasty germs, and raise your cool status. With hydrating ingredients and fragrances that will turn heads, we know your hands will be soft and smooth so you can get on with your life, one spritz at a time.  

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children and animals. Not to be taken. Handle with care. When handling, always hold the bottle carefully. Avoid contact of contents with eyes. Liquid may cause staining on wooden and finished surfaces and fabric. This product is flammable so keep it away from sources of ignition.

Directions: Spritz | Rub | Inhale.

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