Premium Croquet - 4 Mallet


This Beautiful Premium 4 Mallet Croquet Provides A Step Up For Those Wanting A More Serious Croquet Experience. Great for both kids and adults, each set caters for 4 players. With custom hardwood mallets and composite yes composite not wood! This gorgeous set comes packed neatly in a heavy duty canvas carry bag and includes rule book with both nine wicket backyard croquet and six wicket garden croquet.

Product Details

  • Includes;
  • 4 x Chunky Custom Hardwood Mallets [ Head 230mm x 63mm Diameter | Handle 810mm x 28mm Diameter]
  • 4 x Full Size Composite Balls 84mm 
  • 9 x Enamel Coated Steel Wickets 6mm
  • 2 x Solid Hardwood Stakes 25mm x 610mm
  • 4 x Corner Flags
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag 

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