Premium Bocce - Carry Crate


Our Big Beautiful Bocce is a must have in your outdoor games collection or next memorable picnic with friends and relatives. For those in the know, Bocce is the Italian cousin of the French game Boules. The rules are similar, with the aim of the game being to land your ball as near as you can to the smaller sized Pallino. Bocce balls are much larger and heavier than Boules and feel fabulous to throw. Our Bocce has eight big and beautiful full-sized 100mm balls crafted from superior polished resin. That’s the same material used for premium snooker or billiard balls, their look and feel is superb. The four Bocce balls of each colour comprise of 2 sets of two balls with a unique engraved pattern so that the game can cater for two or four players. 

Product Details

  • Includes;
  • 4 x Black  Bocce Balls
  • 4 x Olive Bocce Balls
  • Wooden Carry Crate
  • Each Bocce Balls Weighs 1kg

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