Pikler Triple Climber Triangle - Large


The Large Pikler Triple Climber Triangle features three different sides for climbing: one with ropes, another with wooden stepping blocks, and a third with dowels. Crafted using responsibly-sourced birch plywood and beech wood, it's a wonderful sustainable option for mobile little ones exploring their adventurous side. Through physical developmental play with the Pikler system, children gain muscular and cardiovascular strength, build self-esteem, improve gross motor skills and explore their imagination simultaneously.

Each of our Pikler accessories is compatible with the others, and secure locks connect the system's pieces safely and effectively while holding them in place. By connecting them together, your toddler has an entire playground to explore! They are also finished with a water-based varnish for smooth, comfortable play and easy cleaning.

Product Details

  • Eco Friendly Made From Responsible Sourced Materials
  • Finished With Water Based Varnish 
  • Suitable For 1 Year+
  • Product Dimensions 89cm L x 82cm W x 78cm H
  • Supports Up To 60kgs
  • Some Assembly Required 

Care Instructions: This is a wooden product protected by a lacquer veneer coating. Never store it in a location exposed to the elements or where condensation can build up overnight (such as a shed or balcony). Bolts may loosen from use. Be sure to check them regularly. 

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