Body Butter - Wild Lemon Myrtle


A Decadent Rich And Creamy Blend of organic butters waxes and oils. Ideal for those who suffer from dry sensitive skin conditions who need a serious cream to moisturise, nourish and protect. The ingredients used in this divine  body butter are skin superfoods to boost healthier skin and healthier living; they offer UV protection, anti-ageing properties, soothes discomfort and itching and high in antioxidants. This versatile product can be used from head to toe and is the perfect overnight face cream. Our product is the ultimate natural protectant that soothes and hydrates.

Product Details

  • 100ml Glass Pot Screw Lid
  • 250ml Plastic Pot Screw Lid
  • Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Purified Water | Avocado Oil | Wheat Germ Oil | Grape Seed Oil | Calendula Infused Oil | Organic Beeswax | Cocoa Butter | Borax | Lemon Myrtle Oil | Eucalyptus Oil | Cedarwood Oil

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