Miss Francesca Fox


Rebellious Francesca ('Frankie') refused from a young age to sleep during the day, preferring instead to have her adventures during daylight hours. She enjoys being seen, and always dresses impeccably with her faux fur stole just in case she was spotted. When the rest of her family went out exploring at dusk, young Frankie would instead settle down for a kip in the den. It wasn't until she met fellow renegade Fletcher that Frankie realised she wasn't alone. Lucky the feeling was mutual- Fletcher still can't believe what a foxy lady he found

Product Details

  • Beautifully Made - Her Faux Fur Stole And Paisley Smock Are Stunning
  • Cotton | Polyester Blend 
  • Measurements 33cm
  • Suitable For 0+
  • Gentle Machine Or Hand Wash, Dry Flat

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