Ensoleille Herbal Bath Soak


Herbs and oils have long been combined with bath therapy to relax the mind, soothe sore muscles, and promote supple skin.

Bathing is actually an ancient therapeutic practice called balneotherapy.

In this busy era, it can often be hard to fully show up for ourselves and commit to these simple acts of self-love. When we weave herbs into wellness, these practices become even more enticing, like a sweet treat we want to indulge in again and again.

This herbal soak is an enticingly refreshing blend of pink Himalayan salt, calendula, lavender, rose, blue pea flowers, lavender, elderflowers and pink cornflower combined with ylang ylang, magnolia and orange essential oils.

Add to a hot, steamy bath.

Product Details

  • 30g Glass Bottle Screw Top Lid
  • Handcrafted In Newcastle, NSW

Product Ingredients

Magnolia | Orange | Ylang Ylang | Lavender | Rose | Calendula | Pink Himalayan Salt | Elderflower | Butterfly Pea Flower | Pink Cornflowers

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