Blue Mountains - Bath Salts


This gentle, nurturing, soothing combination of epsom salts, organic botanicals of lavender, pink and blue cornflowers with essential oils of French rosemary, bergamot, lavadin grosso and jasmine is simply divine.

Great to use before bed to assist in sleep, as a relaxation tool and also for sensitive skin.

Epsom salts are remarkably soothing and provide a magnesium boost for tired and tender muscles.
Rosemary and lavadin grosso are well known for calming & relaxing over active minds and bodies.

Add a small amount to a hot, steamy bath, also can be used as a foot soak

Product Details

  • 200g Glass Bottle Screw Top Lid
  • Handcrafted In Newcastle, NSW

Product Ingredients

Magnesium Sulfate |  Blue Cornflowers | Pink Cornflowers | Lavender Flowers | Lavadin Grosso | Rosemary | Jasmine | Bergamot Essential Oils

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