Australian Bush - Bath Salts


Capturing the untamed wilderness of the Australian bush.

A beautiful crisp blend of essential oils that evoke the scent of the bush

The fresh blue eucalyptus is the evocation of the Australian bush, the aroma will be instantly familiar to you.

Balancing. Grounding. Uplifting Refreshing. Ease muscles + joint tension. Improve poor circulation.

Add a small amount to a hot, steamy bath, also can be used as a foot soak

Product Details

  • 200g Glass Bottle Screw Top Lid
  • Handcrafted In Newcastle, NSW

Product Ingredients

Celtic Sea Salt | Hawaiian Black Lava Salt | Magnesium Sulfate | Sea Salt | Gum Leaves | Juniper Berries | Jasmine Buds | Dried Lemon Myrtle | Chamomile Flowers | Patchouli | Sandalwood | Blue Eucalyptus | Lemon & Pine Essential Oils

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