Baby Honey Bunny - Boy Blue


Honey Bunny Boy in blue is the trouble-making nephew of beekeepers Mr and Mrs Honey Bunny. Taking inspiration from his idol Peter Rabbit, he adores causing chaos. He and his sister Honey Bunny Girl in pink are honey thieves and are forever being chased around the Honey Bunny property by swarms of angry bees. Little cousins Baby Honey Bunny Girl and Baby Honey Bunny Boy can’t help but adore their naughty cousins and giggle endlessly at their antics. Poor Honey Bunny boy always seems to have a bee-sting or two on his little brown nose.

Product Details

  • Beautifully Made With So Much Detail 
  • Measurements 20cm
  • Suitable For 0+
  • Gentle Cold Machine Wash, Do Not Tumble Dry.

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