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Your Ultimate Destination For Home Decor and Lifestyle


Hey, I'm Kelsey, the proud owner of The Mountain Merchant, your go-to place for all things home decor, furniture, and organisation. I’m passionate about creating inviting, stylish, and functional living spaces.

Home Decor: More Than Just Furnishings 

Your home is a canvas for self-expression. Whether you prefer eclectic, minimalist, or classic styles, we believe in decorating to reflect your unique taste. From trendy to thrifted, if it brings joy, it belongs in your space. Join us on a journey where cushions, furnishings, and furniture play pivotal roles in crafting your dream home.

The Down Low On Interior Design

Interior design is about storytelling. Our blog guides you through this art, offering insights on room design, home decor, and furniture selection. Learn how to blend different styles to create an eclectic masterpiece that reflects your personality. After all, there's only one you!

Creating Spaces You Don’t Hate

At The Mountain Merchant, we're more than just a store; we're here to help you create spaces you'll adore. While we do sell products, we're equally committed to helping you find inspiration. We'll provide links to other sites with products, videos, and ideas to guide you in creating your dream abode.

Join My Home Decor Blogging Journey

Exciting adventures in home decor and furniture await. Let's turn your house into a place you'll adore coming home to. Stay tuned for regular updates by subscribing below. Have questions or suggestions? Reach out – we love sharing fantastic products and brands. Your satisfaction, as an ADHD Millennial, is my top priority. Talk Soon!

Big Love,

Kels x


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